Terms of Service Agreement

Terms of Sales:

When a customer places an order he or she will be deemed to have accepted the Custom Rod Components, LLC terms and conditions.

Terms for Misprints:

Custom Rod Components, LLC merchandise and product pricing are determined by Custom Rod Components, LLC located in Jacksonville, Florida. Price changes, should they be required, will be communicated to buyers prior to accepting orders.

State Tax Information:

All sales to Florida residents are subject to a Florida State “Sales and Use Tax” of 5.5% plus any additional Florida Surtax based on the current county tax at the time of merchandise or product purchase.  Florida residents who purchase a Custom Rod Components via the internet shall incur and pay at the time of purchase, a Florida County Surtax of 1.5% (Duval County Surtax, Florida) and a 5.5% Florida Sales and Use Tax, for a total of 7% tax on all internet purchases.

In any event, any fishing rod or merchandise delivered to our within the state of Florida are subject to the tax rates applicable to the county in which the product(s) are delivered plus any other local tax, sales and use, or similar state tax.

All out-of-state purchases with Custom Rod Components, LLC are not required to pay Florida Sales and Use or County tax, but are, however, liable to ensure that each customer is responsible for their requisite state, county, or similar municipal payments for their particular region/location.

For additional information regarding Florida State Sales and Use tax, please visit the Florida Department of Revenue website at: http://dos.myflorida.com.

Copyright and Trademark:

All electronic images and/or mark(s) located within the Custom Rod Components, LLC website (www.customrodcomponents.com) are the sole property of Custom Rod Components, LLC and shall not be copied, distributed or redistributed without explicit written permission from Custom Rod Components, LLC.

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All electronic images and proprietary technology as described herein the Custom Rod Components, LLC website (www.customrodcomponents.com) of affiliate, partner, or branded corporations, manufacturers, or retailers are the sole register of those entities.  Such entities as described include but are not limited to: Batson Enterprises, Lamiglas, Fuji, Pacific Bay (PacBay), Essex, CFX, and similar associated marks and registrations for 2nd, 3rd, or 4th parties and their respective brands, copyrights, or associated trademarks. Reproduction, distribution, or copy of these corporate holdings and register is not authorized without explicit permission from the respective corporation or owner(s).

Failure to adhere to United States copyright, patent, and trademark laws shall result in the full extent of direct legal action and proceedings in accordance with laws set forth by the United States and the State of Florida by Custom Rod Components, LLC and representation therein by Custom Rod Components, LLC. Please report violations of these guidelines directly to: info@customrodcomponents.com.