CFX (USA) Rod Blanks

Cajun Fiber X-Treme™ (CFX™): superior engineered USA manufactured rod blanks …light weight, BIG power, sustained durability, and exceptional sensitivity!  Made from intermediate modulus (IM) graphite, CFX™ rod blanks are the standard the industry strives to catch.  When you start with premium materials and combine time-tested, traditional, made in USA rod blank design with the most technologically advanced manufacturing processes in the world, the end product is a superior rod blank … carbon fibers that are rolled tighter to produce aggressive rod tapers which deliver overall weight reduction and drive outstanding sensitivity with responsive, crisp actions.

“Cajun Fiber X-Treme™ (CFX™) … Feel the future, haul your trophy, control your destiny … ’cause this ain’t your Grandaddy’s fishing rod!” 

    PLEASE NOTE: Oversized shipping rates apply to all single peice rod blanks over 8 ft.
    Model Length Color Pcs Line Lure Action Power Tip Butt Weight Price
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