Point Blank Promotion

Now, and for the next 90-days, when you purchase a POINT Blank™ and new PTS or TVS Fuji® Seat, Anglers Resource will send you the WINN® grips and Perfect Fit™ trim pieces to complete a beautiful custom rod FREE! And we'll even pay shipping to your door.

A $75.00 Value compliments of Anglers Resource!


  1. Carbon Thread Cover Tube
  2. Winn Butt® Cap
  3. Perfect Fit Butt Cap Ring
  4. WINN Butt Grip
  5. WINN Rear Grip for PTS or TVS
  6. 100M Fuji Ultra Poly or NOCP thread (no metalics)
  7. Carbon Sleeve for TVS or PTS Seat
  8. Winding Checks
  9. Perfect Fit Trim Ring between Seat and Grip
  10. Perfect Fit Base Ring for Thread Cover
  11. Perfect Fit Cap Ring for Thread Cover

DISCLAIMER This promotion is run exclusively through Anglers Resource. This is NOT a Custom Rod Components, LLC promotion. To be eligible for the free merchandise you must purchase any Point Blank rod blank AND either a PTS Size 17 or TVS Size 17 reel seat. If you plan to use the promotion DO NOT purchase a size 16 reel seat. The free trim components are not compatible with a size 16 seat, you must purchase a size 17.

To redeem your free merchandise you must send your proof of purchase to Anglers Resource at 400 E Section Ave Foley, AL 36535.