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Alps F-Guide XPTCFCG

Alps F-Guide XPTCFCG

XPTCFCG | Ti-Chrome | Zirconium Ring | Stainless Steel Frame

The ALPS F-Guide in SS316 stainless steel is identical in construction as the titanium but in a different substrate material. ALPS F-Guide is ideal for both casting and spinning configurations and will make your rod outshine the competition. When it comes to the build of your rod, wrapping is made easier with the pre-ground foot. ALPS F-Guides have been proven to be the go-to component for both fly rods or as part of a concept style guide system.

Featured Highlights:

- Exclusive by ALPS
- Pre-Groud Foot
- Recessed Ring Design
- Braid Proof
- Casting, Spinning, Fly, and Concept
- Extreme Corrosion Resistance
- Frame: SS316 Stainless Steel
- Rings: Zirconium (PVD Plated)

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