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Alps MVT Trigger Reel Seat-Body Only

Alps MVT Trigger Reel Seat-Body Only

MVT16-IC | Casting | Black | Does NOT include Hood

Introduced in 2014 the ALPS MVT (Micro Vibration Transmission) Toray casting seat has taken the industry by storm. The MVT design is based off of the wildly successful TexTouch casting graphite reel seat. Yet again, another first from ALPS. Featuring 6061-T6 double locking nuts and a double keyed body to strengthen the hold on the reel and eliminate hood spin.

The MVT raises the bar with three cutouts for maximum blank exposure. ALPS improved upon the design by incorporating incredibly light yet strong chopped Toray carbon fiber. Adding additional Toray material allows for 30% more strength and is also featherweight. This combines the best of all worlds, strength, sensitivity, and lightweight while remaining sharp on any rod build. ALPS topped this off with a dark carbon woven insert to give the look that extra pop. We can say with confidence that this is the worlds’ most sensitive molded carbon fiber casting reel seat thanks to the addition of Toray fibers.

Choose between 4 different hood combinations for the ultimate custom feel. Sizes 10.0 - 13.5 only with inserts.

Featured Highlights:

  • Exclusive by ALPS
  • Chopped Toray carbon to amplify feel
  • Micro vibration transmission
  • Double keyed main body
  • Three cutouts for maximum blank contact
  • Comfortable trigger design
  • Dark carbon woven insert*
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Double CNC machined locking nuts
  • Delrin washer between nuts
  • Body material: Toray Carbon Fiber/Nylon
  • Nut material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

* Up to Size 13.5

Specifications Chart
Part No. Length (MM.) Length (IN.) Inner Diameter (MM.) Inner Diameter (IN.)
MVT16-IC-10.0 121.05 4.77 10.00 0.39
MVT16-IC-10.5 121.05 4.77 10.50 0.41
MVT16-IC-11.0 121.05 4.77 11.00 0.43
MVT16-IC-11.5 121.05 4.77 11.50 0.45
MVT16-IC-12.0 121.05 4.77 12.00 0.47
MVT16-IC-12.5 121.05 4.77 12.50 0.49
MVT16-IC-13.0 121.05 4.77 13.00 0.51
MVT16-IC-13.5 121.05 4.77 13.50 0.53
MVT16-IC-14.0 121.05 4.77 14.00 0.55
MVT16-IC-14.5 121.05 4.77 14.50 0.57
MVT16-IC-15.0 121.05 4.77 15.00 0.59
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