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Super Grade Cork/HDCC Split Grip

Super Grade Cork/HDCC Split Grip

HESGRG4.5S-350 | Super Grade Cork | 4.5 inches

ForeCast high end split grips are great for light to medium freshwater and saltwater applications. They are made using premium super grade cork with high density cork composite (HDCC) trim on each end of the grip. Split grips are useful for eliminating unnecessary weight on a fishing rod and can be used for spinning or casting applications. The rear grip portion comes with a tenon to fit our GT, GTB, Split Cast/Spin, and TexTouch trigger casting seats.

Featured Highlights:

- Full custom feel
- Lightweight
- Tapered for fishing comfort
- Split grip design for split seats / full seats
- Cork composite trim
- Material: Super Grade Cork / HDCC

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