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Fuji K-Series Double-Foot Guides

Fuji K-Series Double-Foot Guides

KWSG | Gunsmoke | Silicon Carbide Ring | Stainless Steel Frame

For micro rods used under extreme conditions, KW double foot K-Series guides offer unparalleled strength in a very light package. KW guides can be used interchangeably wherever KT guides will work but a little extra strength might be called for. And, since KW sizes go all the way up to a 50 mm ring size, builders can use full KW layouts from butt to tip. KW is equally at home on spinning and casting rods and features Fuji’s patented tangle-free, sloped design.

K-Series double-foot casting & spinning guides. KW is a heavy-duty double-foot K-Series used mostly on surf rods in larger sizes. The size 10 is specified as a stripper for KR Concept casting rods.

Available in sizes 5.5 mm – 50 mm.

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