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PacBay Minima Skeleton Casting Reel Seat

PacBay Minima Skeleton Casting Reel Seat

GMC | Skeleton | Casting | Black, Silver, or Ti-Chrome Hoods

Model GMC - Minima Light Weight Casting Reel Seats

Featured Highlights:

- Superior lightweight graphite/nylon casting reel seats.
- PacBay minima casting reel seats are 30% lighter than conventional trigger reel seats.
- Allows the angler to comfortably hold the reel with maximum rod blank contact.
- Combine with a split rear grip and minimalist foregrip for the lightest handle system.
- Threaded body: length = 44.2 mm (1.740") I.D. = 15.5 mm (0.610")
- Fixed hood: length = 50.0 mm (1.969")

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